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Mind, God, Belief, And Truth: An Experience?

Mind, God, Belief, And Truth: An Experience?

I read/listen to a lot of different articles and books so that I get to see and experience different opinions and perceptions and viewpoints.

This talk I started a while ago. I keep rewinding and listening every few minutes multiple times. Then I find myself walking with it for days before I could go back to where I left off. I don't have any opinion about it. I am just listening/trying to grasp the perception and viewpoint.

Today, after rewinding it countless times, I stopped here. " The mind is cunning. God is part of a cunning mind. Belief is not the truth. Truth is never a belief. It’s an experience. " The few lines above captivated me. And I have been thinking about it since morning. No analysis, no opinions, no ideas, nothing but thinking about those five sentences.

Just before he says this, he gives beautiful example followed by after logical and rational explanations. And yet, I am thinking about those five sentences alone.

I thought I would share. I do not have anything to say about them right now. Other than I find them pull something inside me.



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