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It has always been my favorite romance movie to date. If I want a good cry and cannot and all that life is stuck inside my chest, I will put the film on.

It's a simple movie. I have tried to analyze why it has such an impact on me so many times and have given up.

Life is like that. Isn’t it?

Sometimes you so desperately want answers, closure, but you will have to learn to let go. But not before you finish what it is staying for. Just like Sam stays behind till he ends what he needs to.

I am starting to think I love ghost not because of its romance but for the hope that you will move forward when time is right when you are done with what you are staying in the place for, which you may not even know yet.

I will be truthful. I am struggling to let go of something right now. But I find it hard and easy at the same time. A relief to know the truth and know it was never meant to be. A fear to know that there is something undone and hence, I am struggling.

As my night begins, I say a prayer. God, please give me and many like me the strength to face whatever it is that need to faced tomorrow. Make us better than today we were. Love us as a mom and teach us to be strong.



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