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I Am Madly In Love

This is a poem that I wrote while I finally felt free. I am reposting it.

I am madly in love

I am as ordinary as anyone can get.

I had big dreams and little dreams that I never got time to chase as I was surviving the storms.

I was never the storm chaser, but they always chased me.

One by one, they came and went.

I am used to being thrown around in the storm, And as they finish, I look and say, Oh my; I am alive; here and now.

I wanted to learn to dance in the storm, I tried and tried, but I could never escape the twist and turn of the storm.

I was thrown against the wind, aimlessly, Up and down, left and right, around and around, That my bones were broken and heart was hurt.

I couldn’t give up as I was pushed and pulled, Because...... I was in love.

I was always madly in love with life and every beautiful thing in it.

I cling on my worst days, And I dance and laugh so loud that I look crazy on my best days.

I walk around snapping pictures and bend down to smile at the little ladybugs.

I love every minute of my dance, I can't let go, as I am in love.

I close my eyes and wait for it to take me, Then I smile as the next day, and next chance rolls around.

Darkness is around, But so is light.

I want to close my eyes and hum a song, As a tribute to this love I feel.

I smile, and I move around, I feel the depth of the world and its beauty. Because I am madly in love with life.

Luv Saj

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