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Breaking the Mold: You are Enough

Why Did I Write This Book?

My reasons for writing this book lie in a dream, a dream I've had since I was young, a dream coming into reality.

Have you ever dreamt something so wild for yourself, so bold that you shrugged it to the wayside, thinking it would be impossible?

For a while, I contemplated the reasons behind my daring effort of writing a book and publishing it. Every path I took, every logical thought I chased, I ended up in one place.

Writing a book all comes down to two words. Healing and hope!

I am writing this book as the beginning of a journey of healing wounds inside my heart and soul.

I am writing to heal myself and others by telling stories. The ordinary and mundane, everyday stories of an average woman.

I am writing because I have realized that nobody is going to fight the battle of healing for me. No one is going to step up and rescue me. I need to own my life and to have that; I need to step away from the space allocated to me and to become the warrior that I am called to be.

I am writing because I want to stand up and tell the stories no one wants to say out loud. Being different is hard, but anything done with love makes it all worthwhile. I am standing up and screaming at the top of my lungs to the ones behind me, around me, and in front of me that they are not alone.

I went through the struggles and storms of life alone. What held me in place and grounded me were words written by many authors. They were my beacons of hope and light. Now it is my turn to give back.

After a few long hours, while staring at the pile of papers near my feet and around my favorite writing table, I found myself at peace. I found the courage and my purpose in life. I knew that I wanted to tell my story to heal myself and to help others find their healing.

The world made sense; pain made sense; suffering made sense. Life made sense.

I found my purpose.

My life's purpose.

Follow the passion.

Write to heal.

Spread hope and courage.

Live a life, while fulfilling your dreams.

I am not a scholar, a teacher, or a guide. I am certainly not qualified to give life advice. But I have a stubborn heart and a free spirit and a track record of life struggles. And I have stories to tell--stories that many can identify with. Maybe they can even pocket hope and strength from my words.

I am grateful to the ones who have helped me by telling their stories. I am grateful to those people who live authentic lives, who express their vulnerability, and who lead by examples. One of my biggest moments of change in life was discovering the author Brené Brown. Her book Daring Greatly has given me strength and courage to start my self-discovery journey--to live a life of authenticity without apologizing.

My hope is that stories from this book may turn on that cartoonish, yellow lightbulb on top of your head. I want to inspire you to go on a journey of your own self-discovery. I want to show you, who are ordinary women just like me, the beauty and joy of life when you become your true selves. I want to tell you how hard it will be to stand up at first, how many times you will fall, and the importance of getting back up. I want to tell you about the light at the end of the tunnel and spread a bit of motivation not to give up.

I am writing to own my stories about how I became who I am now, while acknowledging and accepting my truths. I call this "Journey of Redemption." I am giving away my stories to redeem myself.

None of us are alone, though we often forget that fact.

I would like to be a companion through my words--to give you a feeling of not being alone.

Life happens. Reaching out for help is the hardest thing to do, especially if you don't want to talk about the struggles you have experienced. It is difficult to be vulnerable in a world that expects, appreciates, and celebrates "suffering in silence."

The martyrdom of this suffering has become the baseline of expectation for women. I don't condone it anymore. This book is my way of lending a hand to those who need one. To encourage others to build a sisterhood that contains human beings of all genders, standing shoulder to shoulder.

Life is a practice of love. This book is to share little stories and essays out of my life. Ones that depict how a girl struggled to fit into the cultural and societal norms and how she became the woman I am now. The woman who embraced her inner self and matched it to the outside world and started a life of authenticity. How an authentic life made me a better human being.

This book is my attempt to start a movement of change, for myself. And it's a tiny bit of audacity to hope that my ordinary story can be a crutch for someone else. This book is about self-acknowledgment, self-acceptance, and living your truth.


You can find the book here

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