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What does Strength have to do with Vulnerability?

What does Strength have to do with Vulnerability?


Sometimes it takes an almost loss for you to realize how much you value someone or something.

I should know this better.

I thought I knew it better. Look at that arrogance of mine!

I had lost my freedom for long years and had to fight tooth and nail to get it back. What I did not realize is that along with standing up for myself, I have developed some rough edges.

For a while, the world was a cruel place. People were brutal. I lost faith in the humanity of human beings. I have been slowly gaining it back, bit by bit.

I cried my eyes out today, in the lap of mom, my husband's mom to be exact. For years, decades I knew to be strong and keep moving forward as it is what life demanded. I was not careful when life presented me with an opportunity where I no longer needed to be just strong. It gave me an opportunity to be vulnerable, but my rough edges had taken hold of my ego that I failed to see it.

Sometimes it takes an almost miss to recognize your ways are wrong.

I am learning strength also lies in your ability to be vulnerable. In your ability to be giving. In your ability to be in service of others. In your ability to love even when reciprocity is not guaranteed.

I saw tremendous strength in mom today as she heard me mumble through the tears and sob.

Be vulnerable. Be careful to choose the right people for it. The journey of personal growth can not move forward without letting go of our own concepts about everything and be open to what others and life have to show and teach us.

Be strong. Be brave to be vulnerable and empathetic.



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