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Why Do We Lose People? - a few Questions.

“We don’t lose people because of somebody or something”

Why do we lose people? Is it because there was not a genuine connection to begin with? Is it because we all grow as time pass by and we become who we are meant to be and we no longer find belonging with each other? In this day and age one has to wonder.

I am one of those lucky ones with a few standing good friends. Being not an easy person to be in a relationship with, I wonder what had made the very few stick by me?

In the course of last 5 years, I had lost an amazing number of people I loved, and cared about. A few because I did things wrong. Then a few because I did things right.

Out of all of the faces I knew, there were two who stood by and said “if you took this decision, knowing you, you must have thought long and hard. I am here for you with no questions.” - one literally said that to me. Both were from thousands of miles away. Both I knew since I was 19.

Why do we lose people? Is it because we get caught up on life and events and lose sight that one day we are no longer going to be around? Is it because it is too hard to see the pain of someone else? Is it because... is it because it’s easy to walk away than standing by the ones a minute long to ask enough uncomfortable questions?

Today I only have questions. No thoughts or contemplation or opinions. Just a few emotional questions!



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