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The Blue-Green Dress

"Why do you have children's books?"

"They are for my friend's kids."

"I want to buy you a dress."


It was a mix of blue and green.

With mesh on shoulders.

It had kerchief cut endings.

I wore that dress a lot.

It meant something then.

I threw it out. I did not donate it; I did not keep it.

I threw it in the trash, along with leftovers.

How do you trust someone who has sold you a million lies?

You can't.

You shouldn't.


Who doesn't own their mistakes,

Who doesn't find kindness valuable,

Who doesn't find empathy needful,

They are the best teachers life can give you.

Take the lesson and walk away.

The closure is something you have to find within yourself.

I learned that the hard way.

If you seek closure, burn the blue-green dress, and look inside.

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