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On Mother's day, As a Mother, As a Daughter,

On Mother's day, As a Mother, As a Daughter,

On Mother's day, As a Mother, As a Daughter, I am writing this to the universe.

One of my blessings is engaged in a very interesting pretend play in her room. I can hear her and the stories, and I thought I am the writer. Hmm... More later.

The second one is in the family room, again full on pretend play about pokemon while watching a show.

My husband is fast asleep in the bedroom in the middle of this. I am here, writing this. This is a sporadic writeup as I sat down to check my FB and suddenly realized I have few minutes as well as a topic at hand.

Mother's day is a bittersweet thing for me. I try my best to ignore it. But once I have become a mom its hard to ignore it as I believe with all my heart that I was reborn as the human being I am today along with the birth of my kids.

Being a mother is not easy. So is not being a daughter. Instead of my normal storytelling, since I am short on time, let me just say this.

It is alright.

It is alright that being a mother is tough.

It is alright that you second guess everything you do.

It is okay that sometimes your children do not understand you.

It is ok that the world may not understand you or your reasons.

You owe no explanations,

You owe no apologies,

You owe one thing.

You owe your true authentic self to your children.

You owe the love that will stem from accepting yourself as who you are to your children.

Now, you, the daughter.

You too are alright as you are.

It is alright not to be in sync with your mom.

It is alright not to love your mom.

It is alright to love someone else as your mom.

It is alright to call a spade a spade.

You too owe no explanations or apologies.

You too owe nothing but your true self to your mom.

You owe her the love and acceptance that will pour out of a place of self-acceptance and compassion.

Motherhood or daughterhood is not easy.

Let me say to you all; it is alright. We can exist in the spectrum of shades of all the possible colors in the world. We are all alright. Let's be who we are and let the world fall into its place from the love that is birthed from a place of authentic living.

Happy Mother's Day!

With Luv

A mom and A daughter

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