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The Creative Geniuses

Subtleties The world is full of subtleties. All senses, taste, smell, see, hear, touch. Then there is also the expressiveness.

A few are tuned into the world in a way where they can experience them and use creative expression to show to the rest.

I was watching a movie where one scene captured such an admiration for the screenwriter or director or whoever is behind the scenes.

A couple is shown in turmoil in their home. Then two scenes later, with mild piano music, it is shown that the protagonist is brushing. As he put down the brush in the holder cup, you see that there is nothing else in it. The lack of a second brush speaks volumes. And naturally increases the curiosity of the viewer to know what had happened.

It is not too much if I say that I am jealous. I wish to be a writer like that. I want to create things that bring out volumes of unspoken and unsaid things wit subtle minimalistic artistic writing.

To the ones who do the fantastic job of making sense of this world to rest of us, Thank You. May God keep you going.

Luv Saj

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