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Extra-Ordinarily Simple Lovable Things

In a casual conversation, I said that I wanted mehndi (Henna) on both my hands and feet when I got married. But life had a different plan. I adjusted to what was given, as of that day what I knew about wedding day was that, the day was not about just me and the groom.

I was wrong.

The day was about the person and me. It is our day.

So, this time, it was no one but us.

And he rearranged everything and drove the tired and grumpy me at night to get this. (Pic)

I also have to mention that I was so pissed off after a long, long day that I want to scream.

Then I looked across and saw the twinkle in his eyes,

I heard the artist's passionate words for her work,

I saw the words of my description turn into beautiful patterns on my hands and feet,

And I wept.

And I wept.

And the next day,

I wept some more.

Dedicated To the extra-ordinarily simple things our loved ones do for us and we take for granted.

With a prayer that we all have the heart to see the things that are most important and not yet know how to see.



#EmotionsandFeelings #Love #Henna #SimpleThings

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