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As New Year Begins, A Tiny Bit Of Gratitude

This is one of the first 5 paintings I have done. Third actually.

She was a bold statement.

Every inch of space I can find in my apartment is mounted with colors now.

Thanks to dec 31 and heartache.

Nothing better to feel grateful for being alive than creating an expression on canvas.

I feel blessed.

The noise of new year wishes is over.

I woke up early,

And felt so grateful and joyful as I watched the two snoring.

Then I walk out and see that every inch of my living space, the entire house, is covered with life and love.

And somewhere along the line of last one year, this apartment, this few hundred square feet, this house, has become a home.

It is not interior designed. It has walls full of my kid's drawings. Their letters. Pictures. Rules. Reminders. Paintings.

The floor is filled with toys, books, color pencils, Pokémon cards.

Some days I feel overwhelmed with too much around. But I also realize today that I am me because of all these. They are reminders of loving and thriving life.

I hope you too take a moment to find what you are grateful for, what is worth living for, and thank god or universe or yourself for it.



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