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Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly Imperfect

I am not an early bird.

Ok, I wasn't an early bird. But life requires me to be up early. So, I have been getting up early enough.

Then I found something I love. The sights of nightly darkness humbly leaving its occupied space to give way to sun's light.

The way night sky starts to lighten up and change colors. The way a white sliver appears and turns into yellow to orange to red to yellow to the blue sky. The whole range of colors and transformations no matter what the weather is, no matter what life is. I just love it.

It's reassurance that no matter what, the sun is coming up, light is going to spread, and life is going to keep moving. It is something I enjoy watching as my day begin. The first two hours of the day I peek outside and upward as I am seeing it all for the first time. I am seeing it all for the first time, as I have seen no two days alike.

It is always different.

I got flowers yesterday. Yellow flowers. He put them in a vase, and I was too sick to do anything with it. They looked beautiful. Reminding me of the mornings I love. When I woke up today, as I walked by it, I had to stop.

They sat tall in a clear vase, which is beautiful on its own. But something wasn't quite right. I walked over to my tiny studio and looked around. And there she was. A dark red cup that I use to keep water to wet the brushes while I paint. It's spotted with paint residue, and I saw memories they hold.

And I clearly could see what perfectly imperfect looks like. I rearranged the flowers.

Now they seem to fit my temple.

Now they are home.

Now they are part of the mornings I love.

I am a recovering perfectionist. I have been practicing to deliberately look for beauty and joy in life's little things. And I found that imperfections are what makes everything beautiful. At least to me.

When the day doesn't go as planned, it is a reminder that imperfection has its own beauty.

May you find your yellow flowers today!



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