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"The Witch"

"The Witch"

I am embracing the label "The Witch."

Am I a good witch or a bad one?

That is based on who you are and how you are with other human beings.


Women who out of desperation or out of ambition step out of the boundaries, cultural or societal, are given one of two labels primarily.

It is funny how both share same spelling with one letter different.

Bitch. Or. Witch.


I am not feministic as in the defined by the few. I am humanistic. I have always been proud of being able to empathize with every being. Man, woman, animal or plants.

I am aware and speak up about men being held to standards that are ridiculous too. But for this life essay, I am focusing on women.

Let's face it. We are still a very much patriarchal society in the most part of the world. I am one of the lucky ones. I get to at-least fight for myself, even if it is a losing battle.

How can I make you see the pride and joy and contentment I feel dying on my feet and not on my knees? (Figuratively of course)

(A day when I say openly about my fight is coming. And I promise to be as candid as I can be as I believe our silence is the weapon that has been used against us.)

Women are still expected to fit into a mold that is still haven't caught up with human rights.

Yes, it does in the paper.

But in reality, it's nowhere near. Some of the recent articles and media outlets have revealed that it's not much different for women in top places either. Since I speak from life experiences and thoughts or stories based on them, I would not be going there.

I am called stubborn, rebel, bitch, witch, bad wife, daughter, mother, friend, colleague, etc. I still have days when I feel, logically the only thing that is common in all these situations is me. So I must be a problem. Well, I am. I have a problem conforming to rules that make no sense or ignore the fact that I am a human being just because of my gender.

I am a woman. I also have a brain. A beautiful mind as you have. I have pride - a little too much. I am capable of thinking, assessing and making decisions as much as an average human being can. I am not extra smart. I am smart enough.

Can you see what I am trying to say?

Gender is just one factor of being a human being. We give way too much importance to it. Why?

If we take the Male section, could you not see how many varieties are in there? If physical strength is the measure, are all the same?

If intellectual capacity is taken into consideration, are all men smarter than all women?

If not, why do we get to be labeled?

Does this have anything to do with "the dark side" we all hold inside us that want to feel superior to others?

You know, the side no one wants to acknowledge and hence can not accept and hence can not figure out how to live with.....

I am going to stop here.

Its a Sunday for me.

And I am a witch.

I have potions to make, spells to cast, brooms to fly.

What are you going to do?



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