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“Knowledge doesn’t mean Understanding.” - It Is The First Step To Change!

“Knowledge doesn’t mean Understanding.”

A wise man I met recently said this yesterday.

At first I thought…… “Another sentence”

Then I went by my day.

It involved some crying in the tub, some medicine, some good food and lots of love from munchkins.

As the night came by, as I said the prayers and gratitude for the day, as I watch my loves fall asleep,

My mind’s voice started to get louder.

I sat up.

And I said out loud. “Ofcourse!”

“I know doesn’t mean I understand,

I understand doesn’t mean I accept,

I accept doesn’t mean I change.”

Knowledge doesn’t mean understanding.

It means you are on the first step. And you need to keep moving forward.

Pause if you need to. But do not stop.

It is just a first step.

Don’t stop there.

Keep moving!

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