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Few Lessons from Past and A journey of Hope and Dare

Few lessons I learned last year and A journey of hope and dare

The year of 2016 was interesting. Full of lessons and daring choices. Full of growth and finally acceptance. I had met few new people and had seen the truth of many. The biggest lesson of all was that I am in love with life. And the second one was that I am happy chasing my insanely beautiful dreams. The previous year taught me to extremely grateful for every single thing I have in life. It taught me to see happiness in moments than wait for it in grand gestures. It taught me that people do not change, and I never would expect anyone to change. It taught me that there is good in people and so is bad. But the people are just people.

It taught me that unless I have a reservoir of energy to give, I will be of no use to anyone. It taught me that I need to care for myself so that I can care for others. It taught me to embrace who I am and keep learning and changing who I am as I grow.

It taught me the importance of unconditional love. It taught me to define unconditional based on my ability to give and my limitations. It taught me that not all of us are going to understand each other.

It taught me that not all of us are going to accept or value each other. It taught me that none of us are bad. Acceptance of what is and what is not is the key. It taught me that knowing where to put boundaries is one of the main skills we need to live in inner peace. Here I am, on a Sunday mid-morning, looking at a template.

I have made a first concrete step towards going after my dream.

I am scared but more than that I am very excited.

I am finally brave enough to choose to do something about my passionate dream.

As I write, as I progress, as I evolve, as I face the consequences of the path I chose, I still find peace and joy.

If someone had told me that I can be peaceful in the middle of storm, I would have scoffed at them before. But now... Now I understand. I understand that peace and joy can exists when your heart and soul is in alignment with your values.

Writing, A passionate dream that I have always carried around and never brave enough to go after. Pursuing it had become the anchor I need to live a life worth living.

After 2016 and its lessons, I am facing my fears and proudly taking a very bold step towards achieving my goals and fulfilling my dreams. I am using my past to fuel present to make the future better.

What matters is that you are following your true north. I am looking so forward to the progress of 2017.

I am starting over with absolutely nothing but my kids and passion for life.

And yet, I have never been so happy and peaceful in my life.

My biggest motivation in life is my two little ones.

It may be a difficult idea to grasp. But they are my biggest inspiration to start the journey to do what I am passionate about, to build a life I do not need a vacation from.



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