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Facing My Fear of Other's Perception of Me and Creativity

I often walk the fine lines between sanity and insanity a lot. I think I am coming to love this.

My biggest fear lately to put myself out there - My writing - is to overcome the fear of what others will think. I know, I still fight that fear.

What if it is not good enough?

What if people think I am a narcissist?

What if... What if...and more what if...

You know what... Mother Theresa and Nelson Mandela had critiques.... F*** it. They had people talking bad about what they did...... And unless you are in the trenches and fighting the demons, I am teaching and coaching myself to not take what is thrown my way seriously.

I often resort to this line

"I know my truth. This universe knows my truth. And maybe a few of my closest know the truth. And its ENOUGH"

- This above sentence helps. The moment you decide to put yourself out there in truest form, you need to be able to let go of others perception of you. Becuase if you pay too much attention, you will lose who you are and your creative spark will suffer.

Being real. Being Authentic.



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