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When You Struggle To Stay Afloat and Trust Universe for Justice

On April 20th it had been eight months since a tragedy occurred.

This betrayal that I got to stand in shook me in levels that I can't explain in few words. I have been trying to deal with the aftermath ever since september 5th of 2016.

Yesterday was a hard day. I get these. I get hard days where I get lost in pain. The pain of shame, guilt of not protecting myself, falling so easily as a prey to someone, and disgust towards unkind people.

I know, it is not a polite word. Disgust. But it is truth. I do feel those when I see cruelty. When I see people doing unspeakable things.

I need closure. I need to look in this person's eye and ask "why?"

One day, I will get that. I trust you universe. And I trust you to bring Karma.

Thats all I will say.

I trust you.

Luv Saj

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