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A Quirky And Nerdy Thought About The Sun And The Moon

I consider myself a realistic optimist. And spiritual in my own ways. Not that it will come as a surprise if you know me enough. lol. I have my own ways of doing things. I always had. But prior to last two years, I hid them pretty well. I hid well. But the thing about truth and authentic self is that you can't hide it forever. In my case, it was hidden 3 decades and I think it was the max I could pull off.

Back to quirky thought.

I love reading little quotes and words written by others. It's inspiring.

Lately, I see a lot of quotes about the sun and the moon. Today I saw something about the moon shines the soul.

First thought of mine was out of my nerd's brain. And it goes like this.

Technically the moon doesn't shine. It is always the sun. Moon is shining because it is illuminated by the sun. So when someone says to look at the shining moon and refers to it shining you, do they really understand that without the sun, the moon will never shine?

To me the sun is it.

Sun is the life force (as of today) that keeps the earth going. And yes, we can see the moon and it is beautiful. But without the sun behind the scene, the moon is just another rock.

We have people like that in life. We see the shiny front and then the real force behind. I am interested in the ever so silent and brilliant real thing behind than the obvious. They are my people.

When you read, see or told something, give it a minute of thought. Maybe you already do. It makes a difference to the life we experience, doesn't it?

I choose to look for the sun in my life and have stopped looking for the moon.



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