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For The Love Of Dear Mortality!!!!!!!! Life Skills

For The Love of Dear Mortality!!!!!!!! Life Skills

How it feels to be an Indian Woman in the US (or maybe anywhere, I really can't say as I have not been anywhere but here and in India)

For the love of dear Universe...... I will share a secret with you.

Please be warned that this is how I feel, and I am secretly hoping many share same experience and just better at hiding it than me.

Life Skills.

We don't have them. We grow up inside a bubble till about 22. And then we are sent off to the real world to live. This is how it feels.

You are blindfolded. And Drugged. Then taken off to sea, you have no clue if you are gone for few minutes, hours or days. As you wake up, you will see that you are in a state of the art boat with all the newest of Tech (Eng degree in case you don't get the metaphor). At first, you are excited. About a minute or two till you figure out that, you are alone and the manual of the boat is missing.

You have no idea how to use any of the things inside the boat. You have seen boats. You have been on boats. Never had been to engine room before. You have studied in detail about boats.

Did I mention that you don't know how to swim?

Most survive out in the sea, waiting to be rescued. Some do get rescued. Some die waiting. Some end their own lives. And some succeed in steering the boat and figuring out navigation and maybe even end up on a shore.

But this is how it feels to be in the real world with no life skills and a bunch of tech skills. We pretty much have no idea what to do with the beautiful boat. We don't get time to enjoy sunsets or sunrises, as we are busy trying not to be dead... LOL.

As I am learning now, during my middle age. Learning life skills is hard as you age. You have way too many questions, and you are too afraid to ask them as it will be admitting you have no clue at times. Ego is bigger, and overcoming that itself is a skill that needs to be learned first.

So for f* sake, let's teach our kids life skills. Let's not make another batch of tech skilled folks who doesn;t know to live.

Ps: This is a personal opinion. Please don't be offended. Well, if you must, please do get offended and then go learn the skill on managing how not to be offended by a stated opinion of someone else. (Sorry, I couldn't help it lol Luv you)

Post ps: I told my 18-year-old instructor that "I sink like a stone". She replied to me "I am sure you don't sink like a stone. It is just something people say". Fast forward 15 minutes. She goes "Oh My God!, you really do sink like a stone" with bewildered eyes......

Post Post Ps: Btw, I did learn to float... Just took me 7 sessions. But yes, I did learn to float. High Five!



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