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Gratitude Is A Choice. The Beauty Of Life's Everyday Simple Things.

Gratitude is a choice.

It is a choice where you look at things slightly different.

You could say life is unfair or You could say that life is life and I am grateful for the dark as it shows me the value of light.

This week has been a week of immense gratitude for me.

So many things that are so simple and yet so powerful that makes me forget to breathe.

And I stand at the beginning of this next week and say "Thank You."

Be grateful my love bugs. Be grateful for all of it.

The good, The Bad, and The worst. Be Grateful.

As you do not know what This Magnificent Universe has in store

Let's be humble.

Let's be insignificant in our significant ways.

We are each one thread in the fabric of the universe.

We stand unique and yet insignificant alone.

And then we mesh together, making a fabric ever so beautiful.

Lets be humble.

Lets be in love with life so much.

Lets live with Gratitude.

With Love and Gratefulness for each one of you, from my heart.

- Saj

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