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Be Brave. Oh My Heart, Let Him See You. Let Him Love You Before You Forget. Be Vibrant.

Oh My Dear Heart,

The tears,

They are of joy this time.

I know you are scared,

I know you are wounded,

I know you are afraid.

But My Love,

Let him hold you,

Let him tell you that he loves you,

Let him touch you,

Let him be present.

Be brave, My little heart.

Be brave.

- For you, The one who wants to be present when I show the brokenness of me and tell me that you are my fan.

Love is Everything in life

I believe Love is Everything in life.

We often jump into the association of love with romance.

But I am talking about Love, All Kinds of it.

The kind that makes you stop in your tracks and hand a dollar over to a homeless person.

The kind of love you feel for a child.

The kind of love that makes you bear the pain.

The kind of love that make you laugh with your heart.

The love you feel in the middle of chaos.

And it is not just about giving, it's about receiving too. Be brave.

Opening yourself to reception of love makes you vulnerable and a possibility of getting hurt. But, life without love is not worth living.

So embrace the fear,

Be Brave.

I am.

Join Me.



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