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Accept And Embrace Your Inner Warrior

A Tiny Bit.....

So.... I am pacifist. I believe in love and peace.

Being said that, I come from a culture where mantra is

"Forget about it. Let's pretend problem doesn't exist. Let's not stand up and make enemies. Let's scream for the lack of social justice, but not do anything about it. Let's worship women in the form of Goddess, but treat the ones around us as objects. If anyone - man, woman or child, dare to stand up, Let us punish them. Alienate them and destroy them. Let's pretend to be honest and truthful."

Now you see, sometimes a pacifist turns into a warrior because she has no other choice.

I have known such warriors. Don't be mistaken, I have no gender bias here.

I have seen warriors. Period.

Human beings who wants peace more than anything and yet fight as their drive to help someone who is in pain, who is dealt with injustice is bigger than their want for peace.

I have read this quote somewhere,

"Heroes are not born, they are created."

But to me, people are not heroes, they are warriors. Their fight may not involve killing, but they are warriors. And they fight.

And warriors are not born, they are created out of pure desperation for a change.

Now you can see why I say "Tiny bit....". It's not the word or sentence. It's the sentiment. The sentiment that when pushed to that extent, we will have to stand up for ourselves and the ones around us.

Everything starts from a simple action.

I am absolutely in awe of people who can hold peace and still fight the fight. I am just not one of them.

So yes, I do think my fight includes a Tiny Bit Of that....

I am more of a street fighter.

As long as the blow doesn't kill me, I am standing back up again.

I cannot stop fighting and give up just because I am scared.

Yeap. "A tiny bit...." ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

If you are someone who has been struggling with the conflict as easily depicted in that quote, just accept and embrace your inner warrior.



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