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Finding Peace At The Oddest Of Places Or Things - Act Of Grieving And Acceptance

A drop of yellow in the middle of green and brown.

I have been lost in a thought till a moment ago. It's been days. Then suddenly, it seem to not matter much.

Sometimes, it's better to embrace negative feelings as they help us process grief.

Grief is real. And it hits everyone.

Denying it's presence lengthens the whole process out. Instead, face it. Ask questions.

If you write the story from start to finish, you will see what you have missed. It will help you find some peace and grieve.

I went through the beginning of a story that held power over me. And I realized that I have missed the warning bells. Of course it's not a very pleasant feeling. But it is still an answer I can live with and use to tackle my grief with.

Find a drop of yellow in a patch of green! I found mine. You can too.



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