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Free Spirit, Embracing And Being Proud of Who You Are

Free Spirit...

Sometimes I describe myself this way to others. I do this with the awareness that this is nothing but a label. It is part of the reason I use it. Sometimes certain words are required to convey remarkable messages, even if it doesn't touch every heart it reaches.

Free Spirit.

What does that mean to me?

A person who

  • Immense passion for life.

  • A desire to be authentic self and a drive to be free.

  • Needy, Clingy, Judgemental and Controlling people are not her people.

  • Aware of her own weakness and darkness.

  • Unconventional in the eyes of the mainstream.

  • Driven to stand up for others.

I grew up thinking these are all things that I needed to hide and get rid of from my personality. I hid them most of the time. As long as I was careful, I used most of these to deliver the perfect child/adult people around me needed.

Even with all this I got into trouble with authority figures often.

"You will understand later."

Growing up I heard that sentence a lot...

Parents, teachers, and relatives. As a matter of fact, even strangers.

I am 36, and I still get that phrase thrown at me from time to time. But now, I recognize it as a direct result of my personality. And everyone who gets that sentence can also relate I presume.

We don't seem to fit into the box. Well, most of us don't even have a box.

Life is a journey. Each individual goes through it on their own way. There is wisdom from elders, ones who had already walked the path. Some will follow the lead, follow the words.... But some will not, as they are the people who are making new tracks.

If you say, it's fire, don't touch it because it will burn you, most won't dare to touch. But then there are few reach for it anyway, so that they know how it feels.

We give them labels: rebels, free spirits or something else.

The beauty of free spirits and rebels is that they are world changers. They dare to walk a path that had not been explored before. Failure doesn't stop them. These are people who range from the lone wolf who try to feed the homeless under a bridge to Steve jobs.

From Martin Luther King to Mother Theresa.

Yes, you will learn and understand certain things as you grow...

Why do we need to know everything before?

Uncertainty- for the record, I hate it- is the beauty of life. Not knowing is a drive for many to explore new horizons and humanity will benefit the efforts.

I had decided a while ago to never use that above phrase with anyone. It sounds more of a warning or disappointment from whoever is saying it. As if you are disrespectful to the elders.

In truth, some are built to touch, feel and explore.

There is no stopping the ones who are motivated, you may introduce a delay.

So, I want everyone to experience things if they choose to, even after hearing warning bells. Every moment is different and unique. Learn lessons from the past, but redo them if you must. As long as you bring something new to the situation, it's not the same path that your ancestors had walked. So, it is worth exploring.

Perception is everything. I could say you are naive or immature when you don't fit into my definition of the word "free spirit."

You will become an outcast when you walk that path.

But ask yourself: What's wrong in it?

Why does anyone have to walk the same path as the one before?

Isn't that where we as the world stuck now?Isn't it time to speak up, change things up?

My little boy wore two different color shoes for 6 months when he was 2.5. We, his parents, suggested he wear same ones, but we couldn't answer his question- "why momma???"

Why does a 2.5-year-old have to wear matching shoes?

I do understand importance of following rules like school uniform, workplace etiquette etc.

But when on your own time, do what you want....Be who you define yourself to be.

Be naive, be immature, be crazy, be silly.

Try different foods, go for a run, walk, hop on a footpath, dance on a parking lot, smile at strangers....

Don't let anyone tell you a reason on why you can't do something as "you will understand when you grow up." There is always someone older than you at any given moment. Don't let that stop you from living in the moment and enjoying it.

Try to experience what you want even when what you want is listen and do what you are told.

Be a free spirit, be a rebel... And be fucking proud of it.



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