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I Know, It Is Part Of The Journey Of My Purpose

Minutes became hours, Hours to days Days to weeks And weeks to months. At first, I felt numb. Then I heard a screaming. Then I learned that it was me, It was me, the source of that voice. Then came pain, unlike I have ever felt so far that date, And I wept in the privacy of walls and bathrooms. I stood bleeding, confused and pleading, To the universe and The God I knew. For an explanation, I asked.... The pain tore me apart; I bled faster and faster. Then the wound started closing, bit by bit Bit by bit, slowly, gently. Life moved on, and so did I.

It keeps coming, The pain. Silent at first, then numbing, then screaming. It kept coming. Then I realized that I was asking the wrong thing. So I asked for the right thing to The God and The Universe. I asked, To make me stronger, To give me love, To give me tenacity, To give me patience, To give me courage. And I did receive.

It still comes, the pain And I embrace with my open arms, As I know, it is part of the journey of my purpose. To love harder, To be stronger, To be vulnerable, To be flawed.

And I am here, to love, to learn, and to live, As I know, it is part of the journey of my purpose.

Luv Saj

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