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Man With The Mask

She has been staring at the tiny screen in front of her without a real sense of how much time has passed. There are words on the screen, many words, bitter, cruel, tear inducing, maddening words. But she is not lost in those. They are words and means nothing to her. But, it brought back memories that are nothing but painful now.

She was thinking about how easy it is for people to change words and forget everything that has ever been said. The bitterness she could feel in his words is uncanny. Why was he so eager to pass blame and curse...

Her fault was that she believed him and trusted him. He was not strong enough, to be honest, and she was foolish enough not to notice. Life has a way of giving lessons in the most unusual way.

He was the man with a mask, who was angry when the mask was forced off. He was angry as she didn't do what he expected her to do, which she was not aware of. He forgot that there are genuine people and all you need to do is ask for them to do what you want them to do.

She stopped staring at the screen. The blinking cursor is waiting, but she decided not to write to him. She reminded herself that you cannot love someone you did not know!

A short story.



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