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I fought for you, And learned about me...

"Please leave me alone... I have suffered enough.... Don't kill me."

It is an insult to my heart. Why would I want anyone who is not there? Even then, I had asked. But silence is a good enough answer, just to confirm, I had to ask.

Why would I want to be where I am not wanted? I thought one word of honesty would be there. But I guess it is too much for this world where lies and threats prevail.

I don't want to hate anyone, as hatred will ruin me. Bitterness will suck my soul dry. Instead, I want, to be honest, truthful and live my authentic self. You are free. No fights, no anger, no hatred. If someone says everything is real, then it must be, isn't it?

You feel you are fighting for someone first,

Then you will see how tiring it is to try to convince someone to make you see!

Do not fight for ones who leaves you behind,

No matter how much it hurts,

Do not fight for ones who leave you behind to die in pain.

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