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Prayer For Strength, The Hardest Day - Compassion To My Heart

Bear with me today.....

As today is the day I need to sit with my heart,

With empathy, compassion, and self-love.

How do you express a grief that consumes you to the levels of soul that you did not even know that existed prior to today!

God, give me strength today.

As I fear,


I feel a pain so deep,


That sucks my soul to depths of darkness.

That I may utter a painful "why did you do this to me!" in desperation.

And I fear,

The universe may hear it,

And karma will hear it,

And it may hurt him.

I do want nothing but happiness for him.

But I am afraid.

Today, I am afraid of the loss and grief I feel.

So help me God.

Help me get it contained inside me.

Help me hold my pain to myself.

Keep me strong.

Help me!


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