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Feeling The Rain And Living Life With Heart

Watching a rainfall is one of the most amazing feelings you can experience. This happens when you decide to look at it with an open heart. I like to experience rain in two different ways.

One, sitting on my couch and watch through the window and pay attention to the nature singing one of its most beautiful songs of all.... The intensity of the rain varies as the wind gets involved. It reminds me of a symphony by an orchestra. You could get lost in the music and be part of it.

Second, I like to be in the rain as it is getting started. That first drop....... Like the touch of the man you love for the first time, every time. It hits you, and sends a shiver up your spine and settles on the nerves inside your brain. And you will close your eyes, embracing the feeling of a cold drop of water against your skin and the next......

As the downpour begins, I love to stand still, with my hands as wide as I can hold and my palms open, face lifted upwards, and my eyes closed..... Water droplets will hit hard, with no mercy, and delightful pleasure. It sways me in ways I can never capture in words.... I will feel the water dripping down, from head to toe, as they move they tickle, tease and they tell me their story.....

I am one of those who feels the rain. I had forgotten how to feel it for a long time. I bumped into this quote today. And I remember letting go of that umbrella and be crazy wild in the rain, being part of nature's symphony. It gives me a cleansing feeling.... Reminds me of the love I hold for everything in this life.... I feel it so much with my soul...

I want to be soaked in the rains life offers.... And get wet and feel and dance in the storms it offers. It is our hearts that makes us live life of contentment. Feeling and living life involves a little bit of bravery from your heart. It is upto you to feel the rain or to get wet. I do hope you choose to feel at least once in your lifetime.

I hope you try the rain, next time it comes around.



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