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What a Blessing It is... To Feel, To Give, To receive... All Encompassing, Heartbreaking, Beautiful,

Love towards him is achingly beautiful. I never felt the beginning of it. And I cannot see the end of it either.

It's perfectly imperfect in its own way. Truth is, He is long gone and love is all that remains.

Some moments I wonder, How unlucky he is. I am. But then, A love like that, It has its own purpose. And it will reveal, as time progress.


All Encompassing, Heartbreaking, Beautiful, Earth-shattering, Cannot breathe,

Cannot talk, Cannot shed a drop of tear, One of a Kind Love...

What a blessing it is,

To feel, To Give, and To Receive.

One of a Kind Love...

May you all find yourself drenched in it atleast once in your lifetime.

Luv to you all!


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