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You Can Not Take My Motherhood

"You are not my mother" "You are not my mother" "You are not my mother"

I said it, three times. I said it once, then I repeated the same 5 words, over and over.

Today, she proclaimed. "You can not deny my motherhood." She is right. I can't. She is my mother I am her daughter.

I am happy today Why you ask. Because She finally stood up today She said out loud words that stemmed from her heart

Mother, You are right I can not deny your motherhood No one can. You define your motherhood But I define my daughterhood If you want me You have to embrace me as I am With the good and the bad.

There is an ache, a longing, no matter what, to be loved by your parents. Whether you know your birth parents or not, whether you lost them or not, there is always a painful longing to be loved by them. That void is never filled. You live and die with that void. Happy birthday to me.



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